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Learning the Music

Sometimes learning our notes can be a real pain in our brain. When I was younger my brain would get all confused...but that might be from reading music for different instruments. If you are a piano player, you may find yourself confused because you are learning two different clefs at once. In this case, you are learning how to read music for the left hand lower notes and the higher right hand notes. There is a system to learning how to read it and once you learn it, then you are right as rain. But for some students a visual is the real way to get the information to stick in their head a little better. So that is when we get hands on with learning the music. We glued our own notes on the staff and created our own poster to refer back to whenever we need to. Not only do we have this poster to look back on, we will be practicing with worksheets to better our reading skills and playing memory games.

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