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  Tai Cheri  


Tai Cheri is an alumna of Berklee College of Music and is a professional musician teaching and instructing music in all genres throughout the United States using remote platforms such as Zoom. Tai's passion for music and love of people keeps her inspired and willing to pass on the knowledge she has gained from performing with some of the worlds top composers, writers, and performers. Her musical inspiration comes from such artists as: Duke Ellington, Stuff Smith, Regina Carter, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Miles Davis just to name a few.

Starting from a young age, Tai Cheri has been immersed in music. As a toddler she would sit with her father and learn how to play little songs on the piano, eventually taking lessons to further her curiosity for the instrument. And from that time on she would continue to keep learning and adding instruments to her repertoire while playing in school orchestras, bands, and in symphonies. Being around many professional artists from a young age as well, she was able to learn about the art of performing and how to play contemporary music such as jazz, blues, and classic rock. By the time she made it to high school she had already began sharing the stage at music festivals and small venues with different artists. And in high school she began seriously composing and gigging with her small jazz combo. But even through all of that, she would find time to tutor and teach young students in the area that were looking to start their passion of music.

The song below was born in High School and refined by her time at Berklee College of Music. Come learn with a musician with a rich background and the ability to patiently and easily share all she has learned and continues to experience in her love of the world of music.

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