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  Lessons Tailor Made for All Needs    


 Everyone learns differently and different styles of music appeal more to each student. Why not have a lesson tailored specifically to your needs and likes? Have a favorite song? We can find it or transcribe it so that you can play it no matter your skill level. 


Fun and coherent lessons that can be easily absorbed in a comfortable setting. All lessons are taught remotely using Zoom, safely and from the comfort of your own home. With multiple camera angles, videos, online games you can play in real time and have all the same experience as if you were physically with a teacher. Bay Area residents do get the option of monthly check-in, in person visits. 


Learning music is more than just learning notes. Learn the theory; Learn how to perform; Create your own music; Listen to inspiring music; Ear training; Play fun games; do Worksheets in session and by yourself Online; Receive audio recordings to play along with during practice time; Receive personalized practice help; tips and tricks; Video playing examples; and much more. 


Throughout the year, feel pride for all of your hard work and perform for your fellow students and their families. Share music with your community and celebrate music with all of us.

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