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Piano Basics: C? It Isn't That Hard to Find!

On the piano you find white and black keys. 🎹 How do you navigate it all? Because just looking at them can make some people dizzy! Yes there are 88 keys, but did you know that there are only seven letters you have to remember? Yes, if you can just remember the first 7 letters of the alphabet you are winning the battle. That means that out of those 88 keys there is a lot of repeating going on. Now to make it even easier, we are going to find the note C and see how it repeats on the keyboard. Find the grouping of 2 black keys and look at the white key immediately to the left. You've found "C"! Now find all of the other C's on the keyboard using the same formula and you will start to see straight again. Did you find all 8? No...? There is a secret one with no black keys next to it...If you have a full sized keyboard with 88 keys then you will find the last C is the last white key to your right. To learn more don't forget to schedule your next lesson with Tai Cheri Music Lessons!

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