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Throwback Thursday: Casette

My boombox wore out years ago. It was the last surviving piece of my history that I had kept going and then in high school it made its farewell. I now don't have a cassette player and its not like you can just buy them at Radio Shack anymore [:'( Poor Radio Shack!!!]. I remember that you could get a mixtape casette with certain cereals. I remember being super excited to hear a new album because someone made me a tape. I remember that before I had a computer with recording software and microphones and amplifiers and midi and plugins, all I had was my boombox, a casette, and the record button. Now that I think about it, I can't remember if I had to go all the way back to the beginning of the song if I made a mistake in my recording. Nowadays, you can just cut and edit wherever you want without having to record the whole thing over again. How far we have come in a short while. But I remember it like it was yesterday...sitting in my room, making sure that I was the optimal distance from the microphone when playing an instrument and up close when I was singing into it. Having to practice and practice so that it would be perfect and I didn't have to record all over again. Trying so hard to make sure the recording was real quality so that you could not hear the snowy sound in the background.

Why am I going down memory lane? Well, I'm a musician. I write music and then want to record it so that it can at some point be shareable. But as some of you know, I have recently made a major move back across the country. For those of you that did not know 😬 so sorry I am now back in sunny California where I belong. But because of this move and not being completely settled yet, most of my recording equipment is still in storage. So when I come up with a song it just lives on paper or so recently as I couldn't help myself, I went back to the old school recording way: I used the microphone on my computer and tried to judge the right distance so that I got a quality recording. It still is not up to par with what I would share and not being able to control the sound makes it hard to cut and edit in small sections, forcing me to have to re-record the sections all over again or try and get it in one fell swoop. Then, now that I live in California, full of wonderful nature that is loud..., chirping and sqwaking never stops and ends up in the recording. 😔 I'm trying...I just cannot wait until I can get back to recording quality music to share with you all. Maybe one of my friends in town will take pity on me and let me use their equipment until mine comes out of storage and is set up. Otherwise, I am seriously going to have to go digging through all of that stuff and figure out where the movers placed it. 😆 If something comes out sounding super cool though with this old school prepared! Maybe I can make the chirping work in my music 🤔. Too bad it can't be on casette again...but I will definitely share!

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