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Getting Ready for a Festival

Getting ready for any performance is not just about practice and mental preparedness. Especially is this not just so for a girl! 😉 It has been weeks of figuring out the perfect outfit that will make me feel that certain kind of special. That outfit that when I’m on stage says, “this is the kind of artist I am.” Then it is about acquiring that outfit. So I found the perfect skirt that says all I want it to say. I found this designer in San Francisco that was on Etsy. (I love Etsy by the way.! If you haven’t been there to find those one of a kind beautiful pieces of clothing, gifts, jewelry, trinkets, home goods, or more...Go!) She has the style and the seeming quality that I was looking for. When I picked it up yesterday, wow she did not disappoint. 

When it came to the top I have been on websites left and right. Black Friday messed it all up by causing most of the interesting tops  to be sold out. I thought I would end up looking bland and not how I imagined myself. But after a couple hours and several stores I just happened to find the top in the exact style that I had been looking to find. 

Jewelry shopping turned out easier. I had a time limit and I know what I like when I see it. Just be sure that it works for your instrument and will not get in the way. I had to do a little extra back and forth as I remembered what I was shopping for. 

All in all, I think I will be looking as fly as I can and will feel super confident and pleased with myself. Today I got my hair did. All to make a good impression to bring out another dimension to my performance. Is it a lot? Sure, but looking good is part of the battle of being in the spotlight. What do you think?

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