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Need to Get Your Rests In

When we are writing, things can get a little confusing if a sentence just keeps droning on and on. When we tell a story, we have to take breaths and pauses so that a point can come across correctly. Breathing in-between words also adds flair to our story so it is not just bland. In music we enact all of these techniques by adding rests to the music, or silence. Just as we would add a comma or a period to a sentence, so too we add silence to break up the droll that a story can easily become. Here is a trick to remember some of your most popular rests that you will see in music. A quarter rest, 1 beat of silence, is that weird looking squiggle in your music. A half rest, 2 beats of silence, looks like a hat. A whole rest, 4 beats of silence, looks like a bowl. So if you find yourself confused as to which rest you are looking at, half or whole, just remember that if you can draw a little person with a 🎩that = half and if you get a steaming 🍲 that = whole. #music #onlinelearning #lessons #musicreading #musiclessons #tipsandtricks

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