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Adventures in Practicing: Getting Started

So I am always telling my students how important it is to practice. Even when we are professional musicians we have to keep working on our craft. It's like a muscle, if you don't use it, it goes limp and weak. I keep up my practicing but it was just sort of feeling routine. Practice for a lesson, practice scales, practice some old pieces, practice some new pieces...With no accountability each week, I realized I have to be my own instructor. Tell myself to work on this or that. Make this better...or even Here is a New Piece!!! I remembered what always made me happy when i was younger and did have a teacher guiding me, I always chose extra music outside of my lessons that I really wanted to play. If you do not have something that you are excited to learn you may not take the time to learn it. So getting started is really about finding something you can be passionate about and enjoy. Music should always be fun! Even when you do have a teacher like me guiding you, I will assign pieces that enhance our abilities but I always welcome pieces you would love to learn how to play! And if you learn it outside of our lesson and share, I will think you are super cool. Due to the fact that I am super busy being a musical tour guide and preparing for a virtual show, it may take me a little longer than it would normally take me to learn a new piece and get the coordination down. But I am ready for the challenge because I think the song is so cool! What is it that I am going to work on? I won't keep you in suspense any longer:

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Theme

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