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Piano Basics: Getting Your Hands Started

Many people look at piano players with awe. How do they get their fingers to move like that? How do they get coordination like that? It really is pretty simple, even if it is easier for some than others. One simple word says it all: Practice. Anything we do in life that we want to get better at, we need to practice. You just have to be interested enough for you to take the time and work on that skill. Piano, instruments, music...really they are not mysterious. The only thing is you need someone who can help you navigate correctly so that you don't get lost and you don't develop habits that are bad and potentially harmful. Can you say carpal tunnel anyone? Totally unavoidable if you have good practices when playing. Unlocking that part of your brain is doable and as a music teacher I am here to help you find the key. Let's get started with the most awkward part, your hands! When you sit at the piano or keyboard make sure that your body is lined up with the middle of the keyboard. Sit up straight and keep your arms relaxed. Now I want you to pretend like you have a piece of fruit in your hands. Don't squeeze the fruit like someone is trying to steal it, just let it rest in your hands without the ability to roll away. This is how your hands will normally be when you don't try and flatten them out. Now flip the imaginary fruit over in your hand and don't let go. See how round your fingers are? Now place them on any set of five consecutive white keys of the piano. Pretend like there is still fruit in your hand and now push your fingers down like you are trying to play around the fruit. Keep your wrist flat or parallel with the floor and now you have good hand position. To learn more about how to play the piano you can sign up for a couple of lessons and learn the basics.

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