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Home is Where the Heart Is

You've heard it before. Home is where the heart is. I couldn't truly understand that adage until just now. My heart never left California from where I come. My father puts it like this: " You were only on an extended vacation." And that was so true! With the amount of times that I was in California for music and to just visit my parents and hang out, I never was really gone. I spoke with my mother every day. Kept up with all of my good friends. Kept up on the local events. I never really left. So when my husband was inclined to see if our circumstances were now right to move, my heart did not skip a beat. I may have jumped at the opportunity fast but it did take a while for us to find the right opportunity that would bring us across the country. But a year after looking, it happened. My heart was still in California and when the call came I was ready for home. But with my true home and heart across the country that meant that my students would have to resort to performing their music on their computer screen for their lessons. I am happy that I was able to help so many of my students over the years to achieve their goals and to have fun and happy times. For those that are continuing on with me, I am happy that we can continue writing great music together despite the distance. Many of a music collaboration have happened across the world at the same time. I may be home physically but my heart is still full of music and that will never change my passion for sharing it with others. Lets continue to make great melodies and learn new things. Home is where the heart is and my heart resides with music. If we continue to create and play, I will be happy because I will be home, truly.

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