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Delay Delay Delay

Have you ever thought you were prepared ahead of time for an event and then when the time diminished you found you were not really prepared at all? That happened to me yesterday. I was all ready to close up my final boxes and get ready to go to the airport. Things were not working out for me and frustration was setting in. Boxes were breaking. Contents were spilling out. Clothes were not fitting as they should have. Ugh! How does this always seem to happen to me? It happens to many I know. But just because I was trying to get out and be chill while doing it. Well, I got out the house and got lunch with my husband and had our last in person conversations for the next month. I got to the airport and my best friend came to say goodbye with all of my nephews. My tough and decided exterior was great until that moment. It would only be a month until i saw my husband but longer until i would see them again and I was broken. With tearful goodbyes i went into the airport and made my way through security, which was a breeze that day. My ticket had not updated and I walked all the way to the end of the terminal with my heavy carry on and found that i was in the wrong place. I brushed it off. But then, I found that as soon as I got back to the proper gate, my plane was delayed and there was no special weather happening. The litany of text updates that were unclear and wrong did not help the situation either as the time kept delaying. In all I was delayed for almost 3 hours and then would have to make a stop on the way to California. I was frustrated but trying to keep it in to say the least. I was going home! I was going to start a new chapter! "You can do this Tai!" This is what I kept telling myself as I tried to keep my mind busy with speaking with my husband on the phone and texting my mother who would have to come and get me from the airport later than expected. We finally got on the plane even after they had to go look for a not broken one and I finally made it to California. There were delays and I was bugging about it until I learned that there were Tornados in the air at home. Say what?! Something so rare happened and I wasn't even home yet! Needless to say, I was okay with the delay after that. But to say the was a whirlwind but I made it!

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